BS 100

BS 100

100-процентная защита от солнца

Complete shading solution

The Brise Soleil 100 system offers a wide range of applications of ellipse shaped louvres, creating the ultimate sun shading solution. The design louvres are available in an array of dimensions and can be composed in different configurations; from frames, to fixed or movable louvres, placed in the horizontal or vertical plane. The movement of the louvres can also be motorised for the ultimate comfort. In a special variant of the system, glass louvres are applied to provide shading in a highly aesthetical way.

The BS 100 elements have standard anchorage solutions for curtain walls, brick, concrete and steel structures. The structure of the horizontal frame system can be used as a walkway for the overall maintenance of the building. This brings an added value to the sun screening system, making it an extremely versatile application.



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Техническая информация


Форма ламелиEllipse  
Размер ламели140 mm 
(Фиксированый) угол45 degrees 
Walkway application1