Solar energy

Buildings can become a major force in reducing energy consumption. At Reynaers we truly consider sustainability as one of the fundamental trends in the building industry. Therefore we do not only systematically improve thermal insulation of our products but also integrate green technology in our solutions.


To increase the overall sustainability of a building, the use of photovoltaic panels can contribute by generating electricity.  The integration of these panels in the building envelope, also called Building Integrated PhotoVoltaics (BIPV), even increases the benefits: as multifunctional construction materials they generate electricity through photovoltaic panels while being a part of the building, rather than being installed as an extra layer. In our commitment to provide sustainable building solutions, Reynaers makes it possible to integrate photovoltaic panels in various product ranges.

The BIPV products are designed to comply with the requirements of photovoltaic panels, by avoiding shading on the panels and by a smart and secure integration of the electrical wiring.  All our solutions can be used in combination with the 3 types of PV panels: mono and poly crystalline and amorphous cells. With this dedicated product range, architects and fabricators can turn the building envelope into an active component which generates electricity through photovoltaic panels.