Quion Rock Wine Estate

Quion Rock Wine Estate

Dr Yuliya Gaiduk Garth Carnell

Situated in the Stellenbosch region of South Africa, the Quion Rock Wine Estate is located near the Simonsberg mountain range and in a landscape characterised by striking red soils. In 2018, a renovation undertaken by architect Dr Yuliya Gaiduk included an overhaul of the existing Manor Guest House and, more dramatically, a complete transformation of the existing winery and its adjacent warehouse, now the venue hall. The inspiration was to seamlessly bring the spectacular exterior landscape into the estate’s interior spaces, creating what can only be regarded as one of the most unique venues in the Stellenbosch area.

Alongside this, designer Pierre Cronje created a silhouette of the Simonsberg mountain range using antique solid French oak panels. The different textures and colours of the French oak panels allowed him to bring a level of depth into the composition, which creates an almost three-dimensional feel within the reception space. 

Next to this, the central bar of the Wine Lounge is fashioned to resemble the egg-shaped fermentation wine barrels in the adjoining cellar. Ceiling motifs carry the theme, offering a visual link to the movement of vine leaves in the summer winds. In the evening, the Wine Lounge becomes home to Gåte, an exciting new restaurant for the South African wine region.

CS 68 Windows and CF 77 Sliding Systems - Recreation/Entertainment centre Quion Rock Wine Estate located in Stellenbosch, South-Africa

The outside waterfalls and a pond by Clive Giliomee (water feature designer and engineer at Water In Motion) symbolise the streams and river which feed the vineyards. The design was inspired to effectively reflect the circle of life in the wine lands.

A Winery Rooted in Landscape

A new main entrance to the winery draws from the surrounding landscape elements of water, soil, vineyards and mountain ranges. Rusted metal framed in Domex creates an illusion of the entrance being a portal into what promises to be a mysterious experience. These frames are the same colour as the red soil of the Simonsberg slopes. 

Once inside the reception area, landscape themes are continued. Industrial designer Charles Haupt (Bronze Age Studio in Woodstock) created a larger-than-life vine sculpture in bronze, with the creation looking like an actual vine. The water theme was further incorporated as the bronze sculpture appears to be ‘drenched’ in water droplets – thus giving the art work a sense of aliveness.  

Reimagination of a Warehouse

The large former warehouse of the estate has been renovated into the Venue Hall, an airy light-filled events space capable of welcoming up to 200 guests. To achieve this, brick walls were replaced with a soaring aluminium system by Reynaers Aluminium, which allows the picturesque natural surroundings to be drawn indoors. 

CS 68 Windows and CF 77 Sliding Systems - Recreation/Entertainment centre Quion Rock Wine Estate located in Stellenbosch, South-Africa

The Venue Hall includes marble flooring, glass walls, huge rotated screen structures with laser cut panels which hide the two doors leading to the industrial-sized kitchen, state-of-the-art air-conditioning and sound systems. The space is beautifully finished with magnificent brass chandeliers manufactured by Charles Haupt. 

“We decided to complement our surrounding nature, we decided to open the existing walls to bring the landscape into the interior.”Dr Yuliya Gaiduk

Marriage of Form and Function

Originally, the winery and former warehouse were situated as two long, separate forms.  To marry the forms together, Dr Gadiuk introduced a beautiful pergola structure. Made of crisscrossed I-beams, the structure is roofed with creatively designed laser cut panels, which replicate the dappled shade of vine leaves and offer a covered exterior space for the Winery’s restaurant and lounge. 

Collaboration of Architect and Manufacturer 

Drawing landscape into interior spaces is certainly one of the most dramatic elements of this transformation. The spectacular floor to ceiling aluminium system within the Venue Hall comes as a result of a collaboration between Architect, Reynaers Aluminium and JBC Aluminium Company. The official representative of the region for Reynaers Aluminium, JBC Aluminium had a longstanding relationship project manager Stephan Swanepoel, having worked together on previous projects. All parties worked together in a strong trust relationship to ensure a high-quality product was delivered. 


“With the system being of a thicker standard and stronger sections, our heights could be achieved … the level that is expected can only be achieved through partnership … with JBC and Reynaers it is the logical way to go.”Stephan Swanepoel

Reynaers Aluminium products used in the Venue Hall are CF 77 folding doors and CS 68 windows. The strength and robustness of the chosen systems were needed to achieve the heights of the openings in this project, making it possible to open up the space completely. Further to that the expansive glazing reflects not only the landscape but the sky as well. Seeing the moving clouds and rustling leaves in the glazing makes the structure come to life and shows it is integrated with its surroundings.

“Now the Venue Hall extension effectively portrays as a beautiful “mirror box’ set within the new metal structure, which repeats the shape of the original building’s façade and reflects the beautiful natural surroundings.”Dr Yuliya Gaiduk

Every single component chosen for this project was selected to portray quality, luxury, and last but not least allow the spectacular natural surroundings to be celebrated. 

Dr Yuliya Gaiduk Garth Carnell
Stellenbosch, South-Africa